Client Policies 

Thank you for taking the time to read our policies and procedures. Over the years we have had to create these to ensure for minimal no shows, cancellations and other situations. 

By following these policies and procedures we have been able to continue lashing our beautiful clients in making their busy schedules easier!

Coronavirus Cancellation Policy

We understand that things do happen and during these times it can be hard to siphon your symptoms from a normal cold to Coronavirus. We have a cancellation policy in place to ensure that our time is not wasted. Please remember we are a small business, our time is precious and your appointment time could have been filled.


Here are our updated cancellation procedures:

- No Show/Cancel of the day of appt, 100% of appointment 

- Reschedule on the day of for another time, 50% of appointment that is being rescheduled.

Any outstanding fees will need to be paid ASAP before booking another appointment.


- As a mother myself, I understand how hard it can be to find a sitter for your appointments. This is why Love Tee Boutique allow your children to come into the salon. Just be considerate to your lash technician as the more she has to stop because of your child the less lashing time she will have.  


- Please refrain from bringing pets to your appointment.

Arriving late

- We strongly urge clients to arrive 5minutes early to their appointment to ensure they are at their appointment on time to be able to fill out any necessary paper work before the commencement their lash service. - As we run back to back clients we will not be able to go over time for your lashes.- Arriving late will result in less lash time.

Refusal of service

- If at any point our staff are made uncomfortable, we have the right to refuse service to you. This also includes being under the influence of any substance - If what you are after doesn't align with our goals of natural lash health we will politely ask you to seek another salon that can give you what you desire. We do offer many different lash services to cater for most people but it all varies from person to person. We will not apply MegaVolume fans to your lashes with a weight they cannot handle. We wish to keep your natural lash health in excellent condition. - If a lash lift has been performed or there are any underlaying issues that were not addressed prior to the appointment, we have the right to refuse service if we cannot work in those conditions. - Conditions that cannot be worked with, for example:  lash lice, hair lice and conjunctivitis, to name a few. 

Premature Lash Loss

 - By following the correct after care for your lashes, you should not experience this as your tech will ensure to go through these steps with you.- If for any chance you do experience premature lash loss, a complimentary "fix-a-roo" can be made on your lashes within 72hrs of your initial appointment. This will allow us to check over the lashes to ensure for a longer lasting set.- This policy is only accepted if we are notified within the first 72 hours of your appointment. This policy has been created to ensure that clients do not take advantage of our guarantee for long lasting lashes and tell us at their infill appointment that their lashes fell out within a few days, expecting a discount or free set.- We know our lashes should not fall out prematurely as we have done many many sets back to back and we never get this complaint.This will help us look into the aftercare of the set to help assess what needs to change.

Infills from other salons

- We are so happy to be able to help you with your lashes whether your regular lady is away or whether you are looking for a new one. - We love to have new friends come see us no matter the state of your lashes. - We offer an infill on other salons work because we pride ourselves on ensuring each person loves their lashes and that their natural lashes health is preserved. - This service also comes with its own terms and conditions, as long as the lashes are workable, we are happy to fill them with no removal.- If they need to be removed due to, damage, dirtiness, glue issues, etc. we will advise you to get a removal. If you do not wish for us to remove them, we will be unable to do this service for you. We also allow an extra 30mins into the booking just in case we do need to do a removal.


An infill with us must contain 30 lashes on each eye otherwise will result in a FULL SET PRICE. If you feel like you have lots of lashes left before your infill you can always push it back another week or the same if you feel you are losing more than you expected you an bring your appointment forward.

VIP Memberships

- All VIP Memberships must be signed by a staff member & the client before commencement. - All payment plans are created for either 6 months or 12 months for 2 or 3 weekly lash fills or brows as described per membership description.- If there are not enough lashes to be classified as a fill you will need to pay the extra at your appt.- All VIPs will receive 10% off all retail (excl. INSPO Collective) & Gift Vouchers, invited to drinks and nibbles at our yearly event and will receive a welcome gift pack valued at $70.- All fees are incorporated into your membership. $2 sign up fee and 1.69% + 0.44c per transaction. - $14.90 failed transaction fee- All other terms & conditions are within the VIP Membership contract.