How to remove eyelash extensions

When reading the caption I'm sure there were a few ideas that came to your mind like coconut oil? Pulling them off? sunscreen? I just won't wash them? hot areas?

The quick answer to all of these is yes. BUT! This is NOT SAFE.

Any type of oil that has the potential risk of entering your eye is so unsafe. Our eyes are filled with a layer of water. This layer of water is what keeps our eyes at a natural feeling and what keeps the parts of our eyes from getting damaged from dirt and anything else that may not be welcome. This is the same for sunscreen, as it is a thick paste, we all know the feeling of sunscreen in our eyes... IT BURNS! and STINGS!!! We do not need that pain ever.

Side note: If you have hot oil splatter into your eyes, flush it out with cool water and continue a cool water compress and visit a doctor as soon as possible in case any further damage has occurred.

Pulling your eyelash extensions off will cause damage to the epidermis of the lash line and if reaches into the subcutaneous layer can mean that the lash can take SEVERAL months to grow back and this is when you would be looking at a lash growth serum to speed up this recovery time.

A similar thing to pulling your eyelashes out is not cleaning them. By not cleaning your eyelash extensions you are welcoming lash lice. YEP! You heard me.. LASH LICE! They are just as terrifying as they sound. These minuscule lice lay eggs in the dirtiness of your lashes and eat at your lashes. If you feel like you have lash lice you will have an intense itch at the root of your lashes and in some cases, this can be more evident at night when the lice are more active. SO.... let's keep those lashes clean!

Disclaimer: If you have itchy or red eyes IMMEDIATELY see a doctor as this may be the cause.

Going to hot yoga, saunas, ovens, etc. will definitely get those lashes off but in a way that could be detrimental to your lash health. The heat can change the bonds of your lashes and can stick them together with another lash and if near a fire, THEY CAN BURN THEM OFF! It is super important to stay away from open flames and keep your head out of the oven! This is suuuuper noticeable when we see you for fills as the ends of them are singed and morphed in shape.

To come to an end of the horror stories of taking your lashes off by yourself.

There are 2 ways:

- Visit a lash artist and they will remove them with a cream remover which takes anywhere from 15-30 mins.

- Wait until they've all grown out and fallen off. This can take over a month but it is very safe as most glue bonds will hold for about 4-8 weeks.

I hope this has resonated with you as to what is the best practise for removing eyelash extensions and I hope to see you again soon!

Have a great day Lash Queens,

Mrs. Lash Lounge xx

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