Am I having an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions? What do I do?

If you are having an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions please visit a doctor to receive medical attention as soon as possible

Disclaimer: I am not giving out any medical advice as I am not a medical practitioner in any form.

An eyelash extension reaction affects 5% of those who receive eyelash extensions and it can be difficult to determine what is happening. The first thing is to keep calm, apply a cold compress and be treated by a medical professional.

An allergic reaction is a weak immune response by the body to a substance, according to the Oxford Dictionary. Your eyes may appear irritated, red and or swollen and this is from a chemical in the make up of the adhesive called, cyanoacrylate. It is a chemical that needs water to create a chemical reaction to harden. If a client's eyes open, the cyanoacrylate can take this water from the eyes causing a chemical burn to the eyes which can last up to a few days giving the client a sore and red mark on the eye, feeling like a bruise. For each exposure to this adhesive, the body can react.

A sensitivity to the adhesive and lash extensions can cause the eyes to temporarily water during and after the service with a result of red eyes that may sting. A cold compress is recommended and to see a doctor if symptoms do not resolve.

Do I get them removed?
This is up to the artist, their insurance and the manufacturer of their remover. The removal creams loosen the adhesive from the natural eyelash and extension, which can cause the body to react AGAIN. This giving the adhesive a second chance to attack the immune system again. Ask your artist if their insurance and manufacturer of their policies and see whether it is something they can do or recommend another artist to do so.

Reactions are not for an artist to medically diagnose or treat. A doctor such as a General Practitioner or an Allergist are recommended.

This is an example of a reaction to cyanoacrylate.

This is an example of a sensitivity which resolved itself within 24hours.

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