What is EyEnvy?

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EyEnvy is a conditioning serum scientifically proven to grow your natural lashes either whilst wearing lash extensions or not.


It will grow them longer, thicker and fuller and can be used on your brows also. Within 3 months of use, putting it on like Eyeliner each morning, you will be able to see a difference in your natural lashes and can continue to be used every other day until the bottle is finished

The results really do speak for themselves and is a great way to fast track those lashes from short and fine to long and thick! It is a must if you are wanting thicker and longer lash extensions. This serum will change your lash life!

Where to buy EyEnvy?

Mrs. Lash Lounge is proud to announce that we are one of the stockists for the number#1 lash growing serum in Australia. 

EyEnvy is a very exclusive product and can only be purchased through approved retailers and cannot be purchased online.

We can make orders over the phone or through our salon and can be posted to you within 3 days (within Australia ONLY).

To place an order today, call 0438 553 072 or find us on Instagram @Mrs.LashLounge